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Last week at my sons middle school band concert I was introduced to lady from a mutal friend. My friends said hey EJ would you mind talking to a friend of ours. He says her husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. I said off course I would. So they preceded to tell her I have been through the same thing and still be treated. She of course was full of questions that mad me feel great to answer question and offer any advice for her and husband.. They live a mile away from me and feel like god made the two of our familes be at the right place to lend a hand. Love how he works. She has called me several times before his chemo and most recently yesterday. She was telling me how he was scared to get chemo because he was afraid how it would feel going in and what he would feel like etc.. She said everything you told him was exactly how he felt both during and the few days after. She then said thank you thank you for helping us. I told her your welcome anything. Can do to help him through his battle. He still doesn't feel comfortable talking to me yet but does so through his wife...love the feeling of helping someone with the same thing as many of us have to try and make his battle as comfortable as I can.
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Right on EJ!
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I love this story and also have been blessed to meet a wonderful friend on the blog that I never would've met had I not had to go through this journey. We are all in a club that no one wants to belong to but thankfully angels appear when we need them and we are all here to help each on this planet. thanks for being part of my support network too. Namaste Marcia
You are so very welcome. Thanks for the comment.
While I'm not sure that I believe that things like 'cancer' happen for some greater purpose that we don't know, it's certianly amazing how the right people get put in the right place at the right moment to help each other through these incredibly difficult times. Way to pass on the knowledge!
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It's a great feeling that you can help someone in need that you yourself have needed before. Bless you and Good work EJ... Kevin
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That's what it about, EJ. We help one another and receive help in kind. I think it's great what you're doing for your friend's husband. Ron
I would do it again and again..stranger or not love the feeling of giving back..
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Drs visit.

Well had my follow up visit today. Petscan came back great no signs of cancer.Blood work was excellent. The beast within me is still sleeping. Thank goodness. Had another round of chemo. Would have posted earlier but I was so tired when I got home I slept. Thanks for all the support an prayers. We need to have each others backs.
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J Michael threw a punch at your cancer.
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You got it, I got your 6!
Thanks..right back at ya..
I am so happy for you! How many more chemos? Congrats and prayersI for continued good health!
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I have 2 more left. :-)
I have 2 more left. :-)
I am so happy that remain cancer free!! Why are they continuing to give you Chemo if the scans are negative? I thought I was done after 6 rounds. Is there more? If so, how many more?
Awesome report, EJ! So glad to learn your Petscan was clear and your blood work was excellent. You never get tired of that! Question for you - why are you receiving treatment with Fludaraben & Rituxin maintenance? Is this after your RCHOP chemotherapy? Been reading about subtypes, is this treatment specific to your subtype?
HI everyone. Thanks for support. The chemo I am on is just a maintenance chemo of rituxin. The program is for a 2 year period. Since I can't be cured it helps to keep the cancer asleep as they say. Its a study that was done by the university of Michigan. They said they have been using on NHL patients who have completed RCHop. So hopefully after 2 more rounds of this no more chemo for awhile. .
Stay Strong EJ!
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How much it has changed my life style and how many people it has effected that I know. How my family has had to make sacrifices to be there for me.

You find out what the true meaning of how much your family loves you. How people that you never met will reach out to help. How a community will come together to help a firefighter who was in need.

Just be there for my family and myself. Lend an ear or just offer any support.

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If nauseous try eating ginger or eating peppermint. medical marijuana helped the best). I had severe nausea and found using the drug Kitrol helped out a lot.(

Don't let the drugs control you. You know if someting isn't right. Stop any drugs that make you angry and agitated easily. i know this first hand. Talk to people or join a group.

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